Travel in Opulence on a 5-Star Cruise

To set out on a journey that will move you through the vast oceans aboard a magnificent 5-star cruiser is to let go of the all that is monotonous in life. Of course, there are alternative ways to travel that will get you there faster, but none are as decadent as a cruise. This kind of trip makes it possible for you to visit places in elegance and be at ease while experiencing some of the world’s most amazing views.
Dating back to the 1800’s and the ships that crossed the Atlantic, luxury liners have a considerable history. The tradition began as enterprises added luxury features and amenities in order to compete for wealthy passengers.
As you embark the elegant cruise ship you will partake in some of the attributes high level travel has to offer: high-end cabins and top of the line options, impressive service, you will visit far off lands, drink the finest of wines and eat gourmet food plus there is more staff to satisfy all the passenger’s needs. You will enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want as you give yourself over to this once-in-a-lifetime experience. No matter what your understanding of fun might be, you will be able to indulge; whether you are an adventure-seeker, foodie, wine lover, or student of history. These ships were designed with both big, open spots and intimate, cozy corners so that you will be able to gratify your every whim: a jog on deck in the fresh air, quiet time with a good book and lovely ocean view, group activities, or beautiful one-on-one time with your loved one. While sailing on a 5-star ship, you'll have the chance to go on a variety of amazing excursions. Re-live history as you travel the world visiting everything from medieval towns to modern cities.
Luxury Cruise Lines
For some of the most lavish, Silversea Cruises is a company to keep in mind. Silversea travels to some of the most exotic places and provides cultural interaction and exciting adventures you will not find anywhere else.
A second carrier popular for its high-end cruises is Crystal Cruises. Its fine dining rivals the best restaurants, the service is unequaled, the entertainment is first class, and the amenities are very high end.
Princess Cruises is recognized for its many routes, offering 40 different destinations on six continents. Their ships are the size of small cities, and nearly 700 passengers can take a trip at one time.
If you want to go somewhere most folks can only dream of, check out Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, as they specialize in exotic destinations such as Antarctica and Alaska. They pride themselves on offering opportunities for cultural exploration and letting their passengers really get to know local people and places at each destination.
Start off in the Mediterranean
These ships will take you to the scenic coastal towns of the Mediterranean, where you can disembark to wander the quaint medieval villages and take in the beautiful scenery.
Land of the Tsars
Spend time in the iconic Hermitage Museum in Russia if you love museums, as it is the world’s second largest and is a very magnificent structure. Empress Catherine the Great founded it in 1764 when she began a collection of paintings, and it was formally open to the public nearly 100 years later.
The Lands Down Under
Australasia is a region that has an incredible variety of cultures, discover more info: destinations people, and lifestyles. Spend a day lounging on one of Australia’s lovely beaches, or if you prefer something more adventurous, check out the Great Barrier Reef or the Outback. Anyone who enjoys stunning natural beauty will love the gorgeous waterfalls and picturesque valleys of New Zealand, and foodies will want to stop in Tauranga to visit its kiwi orchards.
The Sights and Sounds of Asia
For a true sensory experience, visit Thailand, Vietnam, and China to explore the sights, tastes, and smells. Japan is amazing for its intersection of longstanding cultural traditions and modern city life. Bangkok, Thailand is known for the spires that are part of its temples and other buildings, as well as for the beautiful palaces and Buddhist statues.
From Deserts to Skyscrapers to Pyramids
The Middle East is home to a tremendous expanse of desert landscape as well as dazzling cosmopolitan cities with the latest cutting-edge technological advances and skyscrapers. Check out the sights from the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, by going up to its observation deck. The history of the area dates back many thousands of years and is rich in traditions and cultural practices. The very old city of Petra, which was carved into rose-colored stone mountains, is fascinating to visit, while nearby Aqaba is a more modern city renowned for its beach resorts. In Oman you can see the remains of an ancient caravan oasis along Incense Road, or travel to Egypt to see the pyramids at Giza and the temples in Luxor and Karnak.
The Diversity of South America
You can also sail to South America’s natural wonders like Iguazu Falls bellowing between Argentina and Brazil, trekking next on to Rio de Janeiro, celebrated for its Carnival and the mesmerizing Christ the Redeemer statue located on the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain. From its lunar-like landscapes in the north to the Patagonian ice fields in the south, from the Andes to the east and the Pacific ocean to the west, Chile is a country of extreme geographical diversity which will delight explorers and curious sightseers alike.
From the elegance of a ball dance to the private moment shared deck side, a 5-star cruise is the perfect backdrop to make unforgettable memories. As anyone who has taken one will concur, there is no other experience quite like a cruise around the globe.

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